From a young age, Merium Malik, a resilient Pakistani immigrant who arrived in the United States at the tender age of 12, has embraced the spirit of advocacy and entrepreneurship. Inspired by her parents’ selfless mission as doctors in Iran, and fueled by an unwavering drive, Merium has crafted a remarkable journey that blends advocacy, business acumen, and a profound commitment to making a difference in immigration services.

An entrepreneurial fire burned within Merium from the start. Even in college, she embarked on her own business venture, orchestrating successful marketing campaigns for esteemed companies such as Slim Fast and Discovery Channel. She served as a promotional model for renowned brands like Smuckers, Chiquita Banana, and Publix.

With an innate talent for sales, Merium soared to the top as the highest producer in Home Depot’s headquarters, generating an astounding $20 million in sales.

Merium ventured further and founded her own law firm, Malik law Firm on Wall Street, New York, in 2014, later expanding its reach to Queens, Florida, Texas, California, and even Mexico. She was listed as the best and most gifted attorney in New York City, an honor bestowed upon a mere 2.5% of the attorneys. Her law firm is known as one of the top immigration law firms nationwide, providing expert immigration assistance.

An exceptional communicator and speaker, Merium was acclaimed as the best speaker in New York City Toastmasters, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence and inspiring words.

Merium shares her wisdom and insights as a respected author, with her globally distributed book now gracing the virtual shelves of Amazon discussing the power of manifestation and abundance. As a prolific writer, Merium contributes to Medium, a prominent and widely read publication, engaging readers with her insightful perspectives.

The world’s tech giant, Google, recognizes Merium’s captivating ability to captivate and educate. She has been invited as a speaker and presenter, sharing her expertise in immigration services and empowering others with invaluable knowledge. Her sought-after workshop, “How to Run a Successful Seven-Figure Business,” consistently sells out, leaving attendees enlightened and inspired.

Merium has built a dedicated team that spans the globe, ensuring her law firm is a beacon of hope for countless individuals navigating the complexities of immigration services. Her unwavering commitment to her clients has garnered over 100 five-star reviews, cementing her position as a top immigration attorney in the nation.

Driven by a deep sense of social responsibility, Merium founded the non-profit organization “Azadi,” providing pro bono immigration legal services to marginalized immigrant communities. Through her tireless efforts, she champions the rights of the disenfranchised and illuminates the path to a brighter future.

A charismatic international speaker, Merium has graced stages across the globe, captivating audiences in Australia and Mexico for Fortune 500 companies and the billion-dollar powerhouse, WeWork. Her workshops have reached more people than any other law firm in New York City, leaving an indelible impact on the lives she touches.

Beyond her entrepreneurial triumphs, Merium is an avid advocate for personal growth and empowerment. Having graduated from prestigious programs such as the Goldman Sachs and Tory Burch cohorts, she embodies the spirit of leadership and innovation. She has traveled the world and received coaching from Tony Robbins, Tony Blair, Sara Blakely, founder of Orange Theory, WWF, Sirius FM, billionaires such as Jamie Kern, and the list goes on.

From running the New York City Marathon to expanding her law office well into seven figures, Merium fearlessly tackles new frontiers and emerges triumphant. Her expertise in immigration services has been sought by esteemed organizations, including the United Nations’ Conference for the Commission on the Status of Women and the prestigious Columbia University.

She has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for her work in immigration representation.

Ms. Malik was selected to the 2018 New York Metro Rising Stars list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Only 2.5% of attorneys in New York Metro receive this distinction.

In her spare time, Ms. Malik enjoys hiking and doing Kundalini yoga and meditation. She is training for the 2018 New York city marathon.


J.D. Doctor of Jurisprudence degree

M.B.A Masters in Business Administration

New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker

New York State Notary Public

Minority and Business Women Enterprise Certification by New York City

Minority and Business Women Enterprise Certification by New York State

Women Business Enterprise Certification

Business Network International


New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department

United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York


American Immigration Lawyers Association

New York City Bar Association Immigration Committee

Network of Bar Leaders

Democratic Committee Independent Judicial Screening Panel
New York Public Advocate’s office Immigration Task Force Team

New York City Small Business Services Fast-Trac Growth Venture Program Certificate

Cardozo Law School Moot Court Judge

New York University Law School Moot Court Judge

Goldman Sachs and Tory Burch Cohort Member for Small Businesses


New York Public Advocate’s office

New York Law School

Writ of Habeas and Immigration Law training

Know Your Rights trainings

New York Diversity Forum at New York District Court

How to obtain a Green Card in the United States

TV Appearances

Wall Street Journal

Geo TV

Dean Obeidallah Show

Created Continuing Legal Education coursework for Affinity Bar Associations in New York on How to Manage a Law Practice

EB-2 and E-2 Workshops

Meet Our Leadership

Malik Law Immigration Services Team Member Valentin Ortega

Valentin Ortega

Chief Growth Officer

Valentin Ortega is a graphic designer and marketer, currently serving as the Chief Growth Officer at our firm. He has worked for Rich Products, Azumi Mobile, and LTG Global, handling projects for major clients like Walmart and Starbucks. His dedication to his craft, instilled by his parents, drives his success. Valentin also participates in painting and photography exhibitions, showcasing his creative spirit. His love for travel fuels his creativity and broadens his perspective.

Malik Law Immigration Services Team Member Daniel Santillan<

Daniel Santillan

Senior Paralegal

Daniel Santillan is a Mexican with a deep passion for law. Over the past three years, he has immersed himself in immigration services , accumulating valuable experience and insights along the way. During his leisure time, he finds joy in exploring books of diverse genres, drawing solace and inspiration from their narratives. Currently, Daniel is undergoing training to become an attorney, driven by a strong commitment to helping individuals navigate legal challenges and achieve justice.

Malik Law Immigration Services Team Member Danielle Hernandez

Danielle Hernandez

Of Counsel

Danielle Hernandez partnered with Malik Law Firm after practicing law for over two years at Shumaker Loop and Kendrick in Tampa, Florida. Her experience includes working as a prosecutor for the Department of Homeland Security and as a policy analyst, providing legislative updates on European affairs to US lawmakers. She began her career at the World Bank Group, focusing on international investment arbitration. Danielle, proud of her Ecuadorian heritage, is a first-generation American. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her son Henry, aged 5.

Malik Law Immigration Services Team Member Dany Chedrawi

Dany Chedrawi

Certified Public Accountant

Dany Chedrawi is a seasoned Certified Public Accountant with over two decades of professional experience. He currently leads C.F. Tax Services, LLC, a full-service CPA firm in Brooklyn, NY, where he has been serving clients since 2010. Previously, he was the Controller at the Staten Island Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC) from 2012 to 2014 and worked as a Staff Accountant at TCA Income Tax & Accounting Inc. for ten years. Dany holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the College of Staten Island, completed in 2004.

Malik Law Immigration Services Team Member Mitko Stanoevski

Mitko Stanoevski

Web Developer

Mitko Stanoevski is our talented web developer from Macedonia. He holds a degree from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje and completed his high school education at SOU “Vanco Prke” in Vinica. Mitko has experience working at Makprogres and is passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites. His expertise in web development ensures that our online presence is both attractive and user-friendly, reflecting the high standards of immigration services in our company.

Our Team in Action: Providing Expert Immigration Services for You, Every Step of the Way

Our Vision.

Our Vision is to serve as a global boutique law firm which provides immigration services with care to corporations and people.

Our Mission.

Our Mission is to provide boutique quality legal immigration services to corporations and people with a tailored approach.

We speak Spanish, Hindi, and Urdu.


Michelle Shofler

Michelle Shofler is a Legal Assistant at Malik Law Firm, P.C. She assists in researching and building cases. Michelle believes in hard work producing fruitful results and forming deep and meaningful relationships with clients. She is a bachelor’s degree graduate from Binghamton University with honors in her major: Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL).

In the summer of 2016, she interned for Malik Law Firm, P.C and Gropper Law Group, PLLC.

Sofia Rinvil

Sofia Rinvil is a Legal Fellow at the Malik Law Firm, P.C., she provides support to the attorneys with pending cases, communicates with various federal and state agencies, contacts clients and prepares immigration applications and conducts legal research.

She has worked as the Immigration and New Citizen Services Coordinator for the City of New Jersey, Mayor’s Office of Welcoming Communities where she assisted in decision-making and policy development.

She has also worked as the Job Development Refugee Services Fellow at the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) in Albany, New York. Sofia’s other positions include, summer internship at the State Attorney General Office of New Jersey.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master of Arts degree in Global Affairs and Human Security and Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University.

Shreemoyee Bhaduri

Shreemoyee Bhaduri is an Associate at the Malik Law Firm. She works on case building, client intake, and legal research. She provides support to clients, and does business development for the firm. Prior to this, she was an Associate Attorney for a multinational company in India. She believes in forming professional and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Shreemoye worked as a research assistant at Vanderbilt Law School.  She has an LLM from Vanderbilt Law School, and a combined B.A. and LLB (Honors) degree from Institute of Law, Nirma University, India.
In her spare time, Shreemoyee likes to read and sketch.

Tawhid Meah

Tawhid Meah is a Legal Assistant at Malik Law Firm, P.C. He graduated as a Salutatorian from Hunter College, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a minor in Philosophy. Tawhid believes wholeheartedly in the Malik Law Firm slogan “Transforming the Practice of Immigration Law” and spends each day achieving this goal.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, writing and giving back to his community as he teaches children at his local mosque on weekends.

Kunal Kolhe

Kunal Kolhe is an Associate at the Malik Law Firm. Kunal is a recent graduate of Boston University School of Law. Kunal hails from the country of India. He wants to use his compassion and motivation towards the betterment of society and in advocating for the rights of immigrants.

When he is not working, Kunal likes to travel and explore new places.




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